Flashy Socials

Flashy Socials

I ran across a nice social icons display on a website and it got me to thinking. I created a Photoshop file with a few of my favorite social icons then set about creating the css to display my new icons in an interesting way IMHO.

Flashy Socials can be added to any website, WordPress blog or ??? You get to decide.

Photoshop file is included so you can edit the colors or icons to your hearts content. The rollover effect can be modifed via the CSS.

You can see Flashy Socials in action hereĀ»

WordPress Instructions

  • Upload flashySocials-icons image folder to your theme directory.
  • Copy and paste flashySocials-style.css content to your styles.css.
  • Open flashySocials-content.php and edit the links to point to your social networking websites.
  • Copy and paste flashySocials-content.php to your theme’s header.php, or page.php, or home.php, or single.php; depending upon where you want it to display.
  • Edit the CSS to postion your Flashy Socials where you want them.

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